We believe in Fresh! Many larger stores are using a prepackaged meat product, that is cut in a factory, injected with sodium preservative solutions, and then shipped hundreds of miles to be stocked sometimes already being days old! But NOT us. Our meat is cut fresh for you daily in our meat department. Our Beef and Pork is ALWAYS fresh, NEVER chemically injected, NEVER prepackaged, and NEVER shipped long distances. YOU are important and WE will custom cut for you. Serve your family the best, from your Hometown Store!

Bill Koch learning the meat department at a young age.

Photo shows Bill Koch (right) learning the meat department at a young age. In 1965 Bill became a meat cutter, a passion he still has today. His passion for the meat department and commitment to excellence has been passed down to four generations now. This passion is the reason our locations are considered the best meat departments in the area.


Photo of meat

The right cut of beef can take your meal from okay to fantastic! We’re here to help make sure your choice and cut of beef is best for any meal you are planning to serve.


Photo of chicken

Our chicken items are a lean source of protein. Our cuts are processed to remain tender, and delicious, with no sodium solutions, or any other flavor enhancers.


Photo of meat

Pork is the most consumed and versatile protein to serve. It’s easy to cook, and can adapt to almost any recipe. Whether you’re cooking for one or a holiday dinner for twelve, there are pork cuts for all occasions.



Carl Winston has been with the company 24 years. He has been the meat manager for the last 12 years. He is married and has 2 children and enjoys spending time with his family.

Photo of Carl Winston

Aaron Schroeder has been with the company since August 2007. He is the produce manager and also works in the meat department. He is married and has 1 daughter. In his free time he likes to spend it with family, hunt and fish.

Photo of Aaron Schroeder

Ted Bock has been with the company since 1968. He has 60 years experience cutting meat. He has two grown children and 7 grandchildren. In his free time he likes to spend it with family.

Photo of Ted Bock