Cream of Rice Gluten Free Hot Cereal 14 oz. Box

Gluten free. Fat free. Cholesterol free & fat free. Sodium free. Excellent source of vitamin D calcium & iron + 5 essential vitamins. A tradition since 1893. Full Bowl. Blank Canvas: If you can dream it, you can Cream of Rice it. Every breakfast is an original when you make it your way. From childhood classics and fresh combos to a spontaneous mix of whatever's in the house, smooth and satisfying Cream of Rice makes the perfect canvas for all your most delicious creations. Swirl it. Drizzle it. Fruit it. Crunch it. Top it. Butter it. Spice it. Even chocolate chip it. Here is what's inside every serving of hot and delicious Cream of Rice. 8 Essential Vitamins and Minerals including: Excellent Source of Vitamin D, Calcium and Iron. Fat Free and Cholesterol Free. Sodium Free (when prepared without salt). How Do You Eat It? Show off your bowl (at)mycreamwheat Instagram. Questions or comments? Call 1-800-813-3083 or visit Try our delicious flavors of Cream of Wheat & Cream of Rice Hot Cereals. Carton made from 100% recycled paperboard. Minimum 35% post-consumer content. Because it is easy to digest, many physicians recommend rice cereal as the first solid food for babies. Infants love the smooth, creamy taste of Cream of Rice Hot Cereal.