Luvs Diapers, Pro Level, Size 5 (Over 27 lbs)

Luvs® Ultra Leakguards™ With Night Lock™ Plus Diapers 5 Over 27 lbs. Lock Away Wetness Even Overnight. Plus Super Soft. + Super soft on baby's skin. + Large Refastenable Stretch Tabs. + Wide Fastening Area. + Leak Barrier Gathers. + Great Fitting Contoured Shape. 2 Fun designs included inside package. Money Back Guarantee**. Patents: **If you're not completely satisfied, please send the original receipt and UPC to us within 45 days or purchase for a full product refund via prepaid card. Limited to one redemption per household or name. For additional details, please call 1-888-NO-LEAKS (1-888-665-3257). Visit for special offers, Product info, & more. © 2016 P&G.