Endust Multi-Surface Dusting Spray Lemon Zest

Endust® Multi-Surface Dusting Spray Lemon Zest. 25% More bonus size*. Dust & clean fast. Removes dust, fingerprints, allergens and smudges. Leaves natural shine. Spray on, wipe off, Move On!™. Endust® picks up dust, while also eliminating allergens, fingerprints, smears and smudges. The fast-acting formula works on practically any surface in your home, leaving behind a light shine and refreshing lemon scent. How nice. Provides an even, consistent shine without buffing. No-wax formula leaves no waxy residue build-up. Multi-surface convenience. Endust's unique formula works just about anywhere dust collects, including non-wood surfaces: Furniture. Cabinets/counters. Paneling/window sills. Floors*. Non-fabric blinds. Dashboards. Empty before recycling. Check locally*. Metal can. how2recycle.info. *Not recycled in all communities. Questions about Endust Call us toll-free: 1-855-ENDUST1. Endust is a trademark of Nakoma Products LLC. www.endust.com. Manufactured in the USA. Ball. ©2014 Nakoma Products LLC.