Tide Detergent, Original, Acti-Lift

68 loads (This package contains 68 loads [as measured to bar 1 on scoop]. The precise number of loads from each package will vary slightly with the method of scooping, settling during shipment, and variation in volumetric filling). Attacks even 7 day old stains! Anti-lift crystals. Approximate fill. Contains no phosphate. Contains fragrance allergens. Cleans in cold water. Free of phosphates. The maker of Tide do not manufacture any private label detergents. www.tide.com. SmartLabel: Scan with SmartLabel app for more information. Questions? Need a scoop? Call 1-800-879-8433 or visit us at www.tide.com. Get up to $8 in laundry coupons when you buy this product. While supplies last (Original dated purchase receipt and completion of the official coupon mall-in offer request form required within 60 days of purchase. Limit 1 set of coupons per purchase. Coupons expire 6 months after request approval. May take 6-8 weeks for delivery. Terms and condition apply. Visit www.pgpowdercoupons.com for full details and official coupon mail-in offer request form or call 1-800-879-8433 with questions). Paperboard made from 50% recycled paper. Made in Mexico.